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  • What size do I need?
    Order your vent by the size of the duct opening. By measuring the width and length of the duct opening, you can then order the vent cover size that matches best.
  • Do I need a damper?
    Most of our vents are sold without a damper. The simple truth is, most people adjust their damper wide open, drop it in and never touch it again. Why spend the extra money on something you may never use? If you insist, we do offer dampers in 3 of our sizes.
  • Can I walk on my vents?
    Using any wood vent in a high traffic area is not recommended. Light traffic areas should not be a problem but should be avoided as much as possible. Under NO circumstances should a furniture or chair leg be placed on the vent cover.
  • Will my vent be perfectly flush?
    We machine the vents to be within a certain thickness specification. Your flooring thickness may fluctuate from the factory. Your vent cover should fit right out of the box, although some may need to be shimmed to achieve a "perfectly flush" fit. This can be done on the back side lip of the vent cover, after the sub-frame has been attached to the floor.
  • Are the backs of the vent covers finished?
    Everything you see once the vent covers have been installed will have the factory finish on it. The back of the vent cover is stained but does not have a clear coat on it. We stain them to create a "shadow" in the louver area. You are welcome to clear coat the back if you wish.
  • Can I install these in floors that are already installed?
    We sell these vents to be installed at the same time as the floor. With that being said, a highly skilled installer or carpenter may be able to install these after the floor has been installed. We know that it can be done, but please use only someone who is skilled.
  • Will you be adding more flooring manufacturer's?
    We hope to. There are so many flooring manufacturer's to choose from. Making and stocking vents for all of them would be nearly impossible. We can make vent's for any flooring that is at least 5" wide. The key is having affordable access to them. One option is to have the customer ship short pieces to us, we make the vents and ship them back. We are working on other ideas now to make this option more possible. Contact us with any questions or better yet any ideas you might have about this.
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