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Hidden Vents

The nicest vent you'll never see!


   Why "The nicest vent you'll never see?"  Well, let's be honest, you didn't spend thousands of dollar on your beautiful new hardwood floor, to look at register vents.  It's your new floor you want to show off. Use Hidden Vents to complete your project.


Hidden Vents uses the original manufacturer's, pre-finished flooring for a perfect match and to help make those vents virtually disappear.

Chelsea Plank Floor
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No more stain matching!

With all the flooring finish options available from clear and smooth to extreme and distressed, from natural colors to dark stains, color matching a wood floors finish can be almost impossible.  If you are trying to match the texture and distressed look of your new floors, well, forget about it!  


Hidden Vents takes that problem out of your hands.  Our color matching Hidden Vents can be installed the second the floor is laid.

Simple, frameless design

The simplicity of the frameless design is also a key in making the Hidden Vent virtually disappear into your new floor. Save time, money and most of all the headache by getting it right the first time with Hidden Vents.


Easy to install

Your installer will love how easy Hidden Vents  

are to install.


See the About page for a description of what comes with the Hidden Vent and also for installation instructions and tips.

Hidden Vents are currently available in all Chelsea Plank Flooring® styles and colors.


Sizes available: 

  • 4"x10" with dampers 

  • 4"x12" with dampers

  • 2"x10", x12", and x14" without dampers

*Dimensions are duct opening sizes. If you are unsure of exactly what size you need, contact us.  We can help.

Hidden Vents can be made from virtually any pre-finished hardwood flooring.

Contact us for pricing and additional information.

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About Us

Hidden Vents is a Veteran-owned family business.  Vents are made in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We started with one simple goals in mind; create vents that match your floor.  How better to do that then to use the original manufacturer's flooring!  As a bonus, we made them easy to install. 


Installation Tips:

We use a 9 ply Baltic Birch sub-base for strength and stability that also doubles as a guide for the flooring cut-out. It is made slightly oversize to maintain the proper clearance for the vent once installed.

Simply center the sub-base over the duct opening, ensuring that the sub-floor is flat. Secure to the floor. Carefully cut the flooring to fit around the sub-base.  The flooring should fit snug but not forced. Drop the vent in and check for flush. In rare instances, the sub-base may need to be shimmed due to variation in flooring thickness.




Please contact us with any questions you might have.

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